Renoir Paintings

Paintings by themes: Portraits, Landscapes and roses, Bathers and female nudes, Women and young girls, Miscellangeous


  • Madame Charpentiers
  • Madame Charpentier with her children
  • Madame Monet with her son
  • Madame Renoir with bob
  • Mme. Monet reading Le Figaro
  • Mother and child
  • Portrait of a girl
  • Portrait of a woman
  • Portrait of Alphonsine Fournaise
  • Portrait of Claude Monet
  • Portrait of Georgette Charpentier
  • Portrait of Madame Hagen
  • Portrait of Madame Henriot
  • Portrait of William Sisley

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Landscapes and roses

  • Landscape
  • Pont Neuf Paris
  • Railway bridge at chatou
  • Roses
  • Roses and jasmin in a delft vase
  • Roses before the blue curtain
  • Roses in a vase
  • St. Mark's square
  • Terrace at Cagnes
  • The seine at Argenteuil
  • View of Argenteuil

Bathers and female nudes

  • Nude in the sunlight
  • Seated bather
  • Seating girl
  • The bather(after the bath)
  • The bather
  • The bathers

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Women and young girls

  • Woman in a boat
  • Woman in a red blouse
  • Woman with a cat
  • Young girl combing her hair
  • Young girl reading
  • Young girl with parasol
  • Young woman braiding her hair


  • Lise
  • Still life with peaches
  • The walk
  • The luncheon of the boating party
  • The umbrellas

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